Adventure Awaits: 15 Kid’s Activities for 2023 September School Holidays in and around Culburra Beach

2023 September School holidays activities Culburra Beach South Coast NSW

1. Culburra Beach: Begin your holiday with the sun, sand, and sea at Culburra Beach, where building sandcastles and beach fun await. Kids should bring their bikes and skate boards as Culburra Beach has it own bump track and skate bowl. Not only does Culburra Beach have those activities, but parents can also hire a surfboard and lesson. Culburra Beach is world known as one of the best surf beaches around. Read our blog on what to do in Culburra Beach.

2. Jervis Bay Dolphin Cruise Witness dolphins in their natural habitat on a Jervis Bay Dolphin Cruise, departing from Huskisson.

3. Nowra Animal Park Engage with kangaroos and farm animals at Nowra Animal Park for an interactive and educational experience.

4. Jamberoo Action Park Dive into a world of water thrills and excitement at Jamberoo Action Park, a short drive away.

5. Shoalhaven Zoo Immerse yourself in the wonders of the animal kingdom at Shoalhaven Zoo, offering educational encounters and keeper talks.

6. Kangaroo Valley Safaris Paddle along the scenic Kangaroo River with Kangaroo Valley Safaris, an unforgettable kayaking experience.

7. Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures Soar amidst the treetops and zip through the canopy at Illawarra Fly Treetop Adventures.

8. Treetop Adventures Nowra – Kid Zip Introduce your child to adventure with the Kid Zip experience at Treetop Adventures Nowra, a thrilling treetop escapade.

9. Woebegone Freedive Swim alongside magnificent whales on a freedive adventure with Woebegone Freedive, creating unforgettable memories. Kids and families can go snorkelling with the whales. Kids and people must have basic snorkelling skills. 

10. Outdoor Raw Adventure Parties Customise your outdoor adventure with raw adventure parties that guarantee excitement for kids of all ages. Or if you have older kids or teenagers they might enjoy a cliff picnic. Basically, it’s a picnic suspended off a cliff face.

11. Pinot & Picasso South Coast School Holiday Painting Sessions Cultivate your child’s artistic flair with painting sessions at Pinot & Picasso, where creativity comes to life. The studio will release the schedule closer to the 2023 September school holidays. Check on their Facebook page as well.

12. PCYC School Holiday Program pcyc/ Participate in the PCYC School Holiday Program, offering an array of engaging activities from sports to crafts. Each centre has a different schedule, check on the website closer to the 2023 September School holidays.

13. Office of Sports School Holiday Programs Explore sports and recreational activities through the Office of Sports School Holiday Programs.

14. Jindy Andy Mill School Activities Dive into educational fun at Jindy Andy Mill School Activities, a hands-on experience for curious young minds. At the Mill there is also an old-school lolly shop, an antique shop and Greendale’s cafe. The cafe has a nice grass area where the children can roam free.

15. Beecroft Weapons Range and Peninsula Explore beaches and lighthouses at Beecroft Peninsula, where nature and history come together for an enriching adventure. As it is a live range, check on their Facebook for regular updates.

Prepare for Unforgettable Memories:

With this diverse range of activities, your September school holidays in Culburra Beach and its surroundings promise endless excitement and bonding opportunities. From thrilling adventures to creative workshops, each experience adds a layer of magic to your family getaway. Get ready for laughter, exploration, and treasured moments that will make this holiday unforgettable for you and your kids!

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