Adversity has a strange way of bringing people together!

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Our story starts when our previous lives (aka partners) decided to pursue alternate careers…we might not have joked about it at the time like we do now, however our trajectories had altered for the greater good and once we finally met it was hard to separate us.

After a few years of travelling, exploring, laughing at bad jokes and the odd tequila shot, we set a goal of finding a beach house! We’ve always been drawn to water and it’s calming nature, however I (Beth) was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, so the idea of a seaside abode seemed like the perfect tonic for a shot at recovery. Many trips to the South Coast of NSW later (and twice as many calls to our mortgage broker), we knew this was the ideal place to heal, recharge and relax.

Ironically, we drove to SilvermereCR not really interested in it (we were off to see another property), but as soon as we drove into Culburra Beach, we fell in love with the place and its laid-back vibe. Soon after securing our dream, we decided to add our own personal touches by renovating; better utilising the space and capturing the stunning ocean views.

We’ve been super fortunate to have stayed in some of the world’s best resorts, but we’ve also backpacked around the Middle East and camped in caravan parks - it’s made us realise what’s important on a holiday. We’ve designed SilvermereCR with the goal of incorporating the cool things we’ve come across in our travels, but ultimately making it feel like a home-away-from-home. Add in a secure rear yard so the whole family can holiday together (don’t forget your fur baby), and we hope you make long lasting memories at SilvermereCR.

#SilvermereCR was created with YOU in mind.
Beth & Rod
Owners of Silvermere Coastal Retreat, Culburra Beach
culburra beach house holiday rental south coast nsw
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