+ 2h 30min drive from Sydney
+ 2h 40min drive from Canberra

Located in the beautiful sleepy town of Culburra Beach, Silvermere Coastal Retreat is a minutes’ walk from the beach & Wollumboola Lake.

At Silvermere Coastal Retreat, we understand that pets are an integral part of the family – cherished companions who deserve to be included in all the adventures life has to offer. Nestled along the stunning South Coast of NSW, our holiday house is not just a destination for humans, but a welcoming haven for your four-legged friends as well.

Embracing Pet-Friendly Bliss: Pets aren’t just animals; they’re beloved family members who provide unwavering support, love, and loyalty. At Silvermere Coastal Retreat, we celebrate the bond between pets and their owners by offering a truly pet-friendly experience. We believe that no family member should be left behind, and that includes our furry companions.

Pets Need Holidays Too: Just like humans, pets need a change of scenery and a break from the daily routine. They play a vital role in our lives, often offering emotional support and companionship. Our retreat recognizes the importance of catering to their needs, ensuring that they too can unwind, explore, and indulge in the beauty of Culburra Beach.

Culburra Beach: A Pet’s Paradise: Culburra Beach, known as the gem of the South Coast NSW, stands out as the ultimate pet-friendly haven. Your pets can join you in experiencing the best that this idyllic location has to offer. From Loco Lane’s charming pathways to The Common’s open spaces, from sharing a coffee moment at The Little Snapper or Frankie’s coffee van, to strolling along the sun-kissed sands of Culburra Beach itself, every adventure becomes a shared memory.

Where Pets are Welcome:

  • Loco Lane: Enjoy leisurely walks amidst nature’s beauty along Loco Lane’s picturesque trails.
  • The Common: Open spaces perfect for play and bonding, allowing your pets to feel right at home.
  • The Little Snapper and Frankie Coffee Van: Savor the delights of these spots while your pets bask in the relaxing atmosphere.
  • Culburra Beach: A dog’s paradise where they can frolic in the waves and enjoy the sea breeze.
  • The Mill at Jindy Andy: Quaint surroundings that set the scene for delightful family outings.
  • The Green Dale Cafe: Even your feline friends are welcome, and their owners are in for a sweet treat – a complimentary scone for sharing the experience.

At Silvermere Coastal Retreat, we believe in creating memories that include every member of your family – even the ones with paws. Come to Culburra Beach, where the waves, the sand, and the sun are shared with the ones who mean the world to you. Book your unforgettable pet-friendly getaway today.

Culburra Beach on the South Coast NSW is well known for being dog and pet-friendly. A young couple with their dog enjoying some time at Culburra Beach.

Your Local Guide

Caught in a time warp Culburra Beach is the ultimate spot to unwind and enjoy the surf, sand and lakes.

You’ll be captured by the beautiful souls of Culburra Beach who will want to help you and create a beautiful experience for you. There are plenty of places around SilvermereCR where you can re-connect with nature.

If exploring is your thing, you can hop in your car and drive through the amazing green countryside and explore Beecroft Defence Base where Honeymoon Bay is located. Or if you want that country hit, drive to Jindy lane where you can have a scone with a cow and wander the antique shop.

We’ve created some handy guides for the area and if you’re taking your furbaby we’ve created a guide specially for them.

House info

Image of the instruction booklet for Silvermere Coastal Retreat in Culburra Beach South Coast NSW.

Pet-friendly guide

Dog-friendly guide for Culburra Beach South Coast NSW. Silvermere Coastal Retreat created a guide for places families can take their pets or dogs with them on the South Coast NSW.

Local services

Cover image of Local services and itinerary of Silvermere Coastal Retreat. This booklet contains things to do in and around Culburra Beach on South Coast NSW.
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